our vision:

Empowering children to be.

our mission:

It is our mission that every child feels valued and important. We do this by making meaningful relationships and connections with our children and their families. We do this by listening to our children and hearing what they have to say. We value their ideas and empower them to take risks with their learning every day. We create warm, enriching, calm, beautiful spaces for children to be. Spaces where young children can explore, discover, & grow.

Keep early childcare child centered – children learn and thrive not by what we teach them, but in what they discover for themselves. Our early childhood education teachers craft and adapt a play based preschool curriculum by observing the children at play, listening to their questions and curiosity, and building on each child’s interests. Following your child’s lead makes for a calmer center and kids who are engaged and eager to learn.

The best learning happens outdoors, in all seasons! – just as they would in an outdoor preschool, our children go out to play everyday: even in the cold, even in the rain. Connecting children with the magic of nature from an early age fosters a lifelong appreciation of the outdoors. We take our play based curriculum outside with us and our children soon learn that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes!

Parents need nurturing too – As a parent of three boys; I know how hard it is to leave your little one with someone else. That’s why we provide attentive and loving infant care, toddler care filled with fun, patience and room for exploration, and a play based preschool environment to ensure that your child is well taken care of while you take care of your day to day responsibilities. You will receive regular communications to help you feel connected with your child’s day. You can learn more about a typical day at Stepping Stones here.

Thoughtful Community – Parenting is hard and having a thoughtful community that you can rely on is important. Our early childhood centers provide warm, caring and consistent early childhood environments for our students, parents and teachers. We focus on teamwork and kind communication at all levels. We are here for the journey, with most of our students remaining enrolled with us until they embark to kindergarten.

A nursery school should feel like home – Stepping Stones is not like a typical daycare environment. Our early childhood classrooms are homey, filled with neutral colors, warm lighting and soft furnishings. Our play based curriculum includes the integration of natural and authentic materials that inspire curiosity and connect to the outside world. Some children spend up to 10 hours a day in daycare. They deserve it to be warm, welcoming, and inviting. A space built just for them.

Interested to learn more? – To learn more about our nursery and play based preschools in Chicago, please fill out an inquiry form and join our database of interested families. Families in our database receive regular updates on Stepping Stones events and activities, links to our blog featuring insight on responsive infant care, the benefits of play based preschool & outdoor preschool activities, and information on enrollment opportunities. We hope to connect to you soon!