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Stepping Stones Nursery School has three early childhood centers in Chicago with an emphasis on play-based preschool and high quality infant care. Located in Logan Square, Lincoln Square and Portage Park.

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We believe in giving children space to learn independently and connecting children with the magic of nature — even our littlest ones! We have taken the philosophy of an outdoor preschool and created early childhood education programs that are accessible to all.

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Our teachers are dedicated early childhood educators that develop authentic relationships with each child and meaningfully guide your child’s development. They are experts at crafting curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and that places your child at the center of their learning.

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Empowering Young Children: Confronting Fears with Confidence

Empowering Young Children: Confronting Fears with Confidence

Introduction Fear is a natural and essential emotion that helps us stay safe in potentially dangerous situations. When our children are small, we have so much control over their environment and the world they are exposed to. But as they grow, their world grows too and...

Rough & Tumble Superhero Play: An exploration of preschool play urges

Rough & Tumble Superhero Play: An exploration of preschool play urges

My Son the Superhero: An Intro “Here’s your super power toothpaste!” “Ok Mom, this will give me the power of Venom’s tentacles, Zurg’s head & rocket boots, Spin’s cloaking power, and Captain America’s shield!”He brushes his teeth with enthusiasm and then runs laps...

“The Messy Teacher”

“The Messy Teacher”

I remember a great compliment I received when I was teaching preschool in a Head Start program. The maintenance worker came into my classroom carrying a large tarp. He said “we found an extra one of these in the shed and I thought you might want it.” Not an intended...