teacher working with students at stepping stones nursery school
Stepping Stones believes that high quality, playful, nature-loving leaders and educators are the foundation to successful early childhood centers.  Learn more about our image of the teacher and school leader in early childhood care and education. 

Join us as a Teacher and Play Facilitator!

  • Teachers are researchers alongside children:  encouraging their sense of wonder through provocative and curated environments, observing their play patterns, urges, & interests, and expanding on their ideas through the lens of developmentally appropriate preschool practice.
  • Teachers are adventure leaders in the great outdoors:  leading expeditions to various urban green spaces, providing tools for exploration of natural beauty and phenomenon, and guiding children to be stewards of the environment.
  • Teachers are responsive caregivers: showing regard for the student perspective, connecting with children when they’re experiencing big feelings and behaviors, and forming relationships with family partners.

Join us as a Leader and Coach!

  • School Leaders are community builders:  connecting staff to each other, our families, and the community at large.  Helping to build relationships and create a center of excellence for early childhood professionals and families..
  • School Leaders are visionary guides: keeping us focused on our mission to empower children and holding us accountable to the core values that make our school community great!
  • School leaders are growth ambassadors:  supporting staff and families with resources, materials, space, strategies, and information to help us grow as professionals and collaborators in care. 

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